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Forget cookie-cutter vacations. At Bewitching Adventures, we weave journeys that become your most treasured tales. It's about extraordinary experiences, unforgettable moments, and the magic of discovering new worlds, whether it's your first solo adventure, a dream honeymoon, a milestone anniversary, or a fun-filled getaway with friends.

We go beyond getting you there. We design tailor-made experiences that immerse you in the magic of the entire journey. Let Bewitching Adventures redefine travel for you, where every step becomes a celebration of life's most precious moments.

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Hi there! I'm Tabitha Fineberg, and I specialize in turning travel dreams into reality for amazing clients like you – solo adventurers, couples, families, and groups.

Imagine this: breathtaking destinations, seamless planning, and my support every step of the way – from our initial chat to that incredible "Everything was beyond perfect; I cannot believe how amazing this trip was!" text I receive from every single client.

Through a personalized process, I curate the perfect getaway tailored to your unique needs and desires.

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Tell us your vision, and we'll craft the perfect getaway for you. From gliding across oceans on luxurious yachts, ocean cruise liners, or river cruises to exploring the country by rail, chauffeured adventures, or fully independent discovery – we’ve got you covered. City escapes, self-drive adventures, group tours, all-inclusive resorts – the choice is yours! we'll handle all the details, securing your travel plans and ensuring a seamless journey.

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At Bewitching Adventures, clear communication is our magic spell! We'll guide you through every step of planning your dream getaway, answering all your questions openly and keeping you informed. Relax and feel confident – we'll handle all the bookings, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of your adventure.

Your only worry is packing your bags! We'll handle the rest, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your dream vacation.

Tabs is the absolute best! I am a regular cruiser and have never used a travel agent before, but I knew I would need help from the group I was traveling with. Our group, which started as five rooms, ended up with six. We were a hot mess if there ever was one. We had people drop off, others add on, we went from interiors to balconies, people change roommates, new cruisers, experienced cruisers, and more. It was too much for me to handle. Throughout all of our crazy requests, Tabs took everything in stride with a can-do, positive attitude. She even taught me a few tricks for the future. She found us great deals, saved us money, and saved me tons of time. One of our group members has already booked with her again, and she is my new go-to gal.

Kyla B. – Pine Hills, FL

the absolute best

I have never traveled internationally before but my bucket list trip was to see Ireland. I reached out to Tabitha with a few requests. 1. No driving 2. A specific budget 3. I wanted to do a few specific things 4. I wanted to do 12 days. Tabitha came back a few days later with a preliminary itinerary about $200 over my budget but gave me everything I wanted and more. She said it was draft and we were going to cut a few options but it was so perfect the $200 didn’t matter. I did everything on my bucket list and more on a rail tour. I’m currently saving up to hopefully do another trip somewhere else in the future. Words cannot express my gratitude for such an amazing trip.

Amy B. – Grandview, MO

everything and more

Tabitha took charge in organizing a sisters' cruise for my siblings and me. Among us, only one had prior sailing experience, albeit over a decade ago. Tabitha's dedication shone as she meticulously tailored the cruise to suit three sisters with diverse preferences. Handling every aspect with finesse, she spared us any hassle. Promptly addressing all inquiries within two hours, she maintained a consistently professional, courteous, and delightful demeanor throughout our interactions. We are truly grateful for her efforts and eagerly anticipate our next adventure under her guidance.

Tara B. – Newton, MA

truly grateful

Before connecting with Tabitha, I had zero experience booking cruises. However, after my inaugural California Coastal cruise with her, I ventured further to book and embark on a British Isles cruise. Initially uncertain if cruising was my thing, I've since developed a passion for it. Tabitha's patience prevailed as I bombarded her with inquiries about pricing, accommodations, cruise lines, budgeting tips, excursion options, packing essentials, and countless other details. Now, she continues to keep me updated with sales and suggestions for upcoming cruises, further solidifying her invaluable role in my newfound cruising passion.

Joy F. – Danbury, CT


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Ordinary vacations are a thing of the past. At Bewitching Adventures, we sprinkle a dash of magic into every itinerary, transforming your travel dreams into extraordinary adventures. We create unique experiences that will leave you spellbound and with memories that shimmer brighter than any souvenir.

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